16 Plus Size Pink Wedding Dresses You’ll LOVE

OMG! The TCF Team is having a BLAST this week, as it’s Plus Size Bridal Week! And, as part of Plus Size Bridal Week, we are talking plus size bridal trends, fashion designers, tips and more! Adding to the celebration, today I’m bringing you 16 plus size pink wedding dresses!

Colorful wedding dresses have gotten even MORE popular this year, and I love seeing brides really own their special day with truly special plus size wedding gowns.

Bridal by ELOQUII Mixed Tulle Gown

3 Tips for Finding and Owning those Plus Size Pink Wedding Dresses

Before I get going sharing all the fabulous (!!) plus size pink wedding dresses I’ve found for you, I wanted to share 3 tips on shopping for your perfect pink wedding gown:

Wedding Colors: When it comes to getting a plus size pink wedding dress, many brides may want to use that same exact shade of pink elsewhere in their wedding. If you plan on doing this, you may want to ask for the Pantone shade of pink your dress uses — so you can match it! (If you go with an plus size indie bridal brand, you may be able to just buy more fabric for your decor accents!)

Detachable Underskirt: Plus size wedding dress designers have gotten super CREATIVE in the last few years, making pieces that can be taken on or off your main wedding look — namely, sleeves and additional skirts. If you want BOTH a classic white wedding gown and a super fun pink gown (can’t make up your mind?!), you can work with a designer or seamstress to add components you can add/take away (adding a pink underskirt for the reception, for example!)

It’s YOUR Wedding: You may get some side eye or even an upset matriarch over deciding to go with a pink dress, but remember! This is YOUR wedding. This is your day, and you should wear what YOU want!!

Ok, now that I’ve shared my tips for a plus size pink wedding dress, let’s get to the roundup!

Plus Size Pink Wedding Dresses

Let’s talk plus size pink wedding dress ideas!! From ballgowns to simple sheath maxi wedding dresses, we have curated some of the best plus size pink wedding dresses out there!

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